Inclines, avocado toast, and iced coffee, OH MY!

Today’s words are provided by the queen of crab legs and iced coffee, our chief breakfast club strategist, and one of the best landladies I’ve ever had, Nikki Reese. Thank you for waving the NP flag…sort of high 😉 

In the weeks leading up to this workout, I spent little time preparing and most of the time trying to figure out the damn words to the birthday booyah chant that Baltimore throws down each Wednesday to celebrate tribe members with birthdays that week.

You want to know why? Because it’s great. Because it’s catchy. Because it’s consistent and familiar (at least to me).. but you know what? It didn’t fucking matter in the end because no. one. had. a. birthday. this. week.

I’ve reflected a ton the past couple of months and want to give you a glimpse into my mind as far as November Project goes – via lists.. my fave!


  • I don’t want to get out of bed.
  • I don’t want to go.
  • I miss Baltimore.
  • How does that birthday booyah go?!
  • I miss so-and-so (who rarely shows up now).
  • What happened to Friday hills?
  • We need more We Missed You posts.
  • I need to get gas.
  • Why are people standing around?
  • What race should I sign up for?
  • I miss the bowl.
  • There is too much shit in the bb.
  • Traffic is SO annoying.
  • There are no breakfast places downtown.
  • Why do people complain so much?
  • I haven’t run at all in a week.
  • Why do I need an excuse for not working out?
  • My coworkers think I’m nuts.

Number of negative/negative-ish thoughts: 15+

Number of negative thoughts this morning at the workout because I was too busy pushing others to be better than themselves: 0


  • #WeekendEarned exists for a reason.
  • Just showing up is step 1. Actually, it’s zero or even negative 1! You need to show up in order to put in work. Results don’t come to people who lolly-gag. It’s just science. #facts
  • There’s always going to be something negative to dwell on. Refocus. Train your brain to remember that it’s a great day to be alive (the sun’s still shining when I close my eyes). There are some things you can’t change, but a lot that you can. One of those is your attitude. (And I don’t mean being sassy.)
  • If something is bothering you, speak up! But remember humans are fallible. We also aren’t mind readers (sadly), nor do we have the right answers and solutions to all of life’s problems. Be constructive in voicing your criticisms and work together. There is no I in team. (Wow I just quoted the cheesiest motivational poster ever. Yeah, okay, I’m owning it.)
  • Be appreciative of others. Life is short and gratitude is scarce.
  • It doesn’t matter how hard you plan, shit happens. Adapt and address. No birthdays means more hugs. Or high fives. Or coffee. Always more coffee.

Love, N

P.S. Elliott and I had so much fun today! Thanks for making our morning better and brighter than it would have been if we didn’t show up 🙂

FUN FACT(S) – because we’re overachievers.

Sea cucumbers eat with their feet.

Double Stuf Oreos are only 1.86 times as “stuf’ed” as classic Oreos.

Coyotes outpace roadrunners by 23 mph.

Other things:

NP SUMMIT SUMMIT SUMMIT – September 15th-16th in Wisconsin. CHEESE.  This is a great time to meet other NP folks and you can run a solo race, relay race, relay with anothre tribe, etc. etc.  Check out this handy dandy Google Excel Doc for more logistics.  OH and to save $$, register right here! and use code “NP20” for 20% off.

Better than Bedtime – June 10th at 6:27pm starting in Pan Pacific Park.  Facebook Event HERE.

May Social/Mixer – This SATURDAY at 11am in Hancock Park.


Do good, LA!

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