City-Wide Hide-n-Seek. #Sardines2.0

We know the reason most people look at the blog on Fridays is because we post the location for the Monday #DestinationDeck.

And we know that Monday is Memorial Day–a holiday and just about everyone has the day off of work, so we’re going to play a little game.  Sardines.

If you never played this as a kid, it’s like reverse Hide-n-seek.  One person hides to start the game and everyone else searches around until they find the person.  When you find them, you don’t announce it…you just HIDE WITH THEM until everyone else finds you.  The fun of the game is the search!

We’re taking this to the scale of the city with the “recess for adults” flavor that only NP can offer.

Disclaimer: If the idea of this freaks you out or makes you anxious, either find a buddy to plan and search with, or just take the day as a holiday from NP too.  This is intended to be super fucking fun, not a bucket of stress.  If it’s not exciting, an adventure, and exactly how you want to start your holiday Monday, you don’t have to do it.  If you’re as amped about this as we are, here’s the run down:


  • Friday (today): we give you a map with a circle 1.5 miles across–the location for Monday is definitely inside that circle.
  • Between now and Monday morning: you can choose to plan, scout, strategize, team up and get ready for Monday.
  • Prepare yourself with a fully charged phone.  Be sure that you and your phone are #weatherproof!


  • wake up as early as you want and run or bike around the city looking for the deck.  Try to arrive on time.
  • 6:30am: EmC2 will bounce at the deck location.  Anyone who has found us already will start the workout.
  • all social media will be posted on IG (@novemberprojectbos) and twitter (@Nov_Project_BOS).  You’ll get an update at 6:30 that the game has officially started.
  • 6:40am: location clue.  We’ll make it more obvious where we are with a map and a smaller circle or shape.
  • 6:50am: another location clue–map with an even smaller circle
  • 7:00am: the final location clue will be announced
  • 7:15am:group photo
  • 7:20am no guarantees anyone will still be at the location, so if you haven’t found it–take your own selfie/group photo (#FindingDestinationDeck) and post that shit.  See you Wednesday for PR day at the stadium.


  1. Have all the fun.  This is a game, and ridiculous, so enjoy it! (#neverstopexploring your city!!)
  2. Work together.
  3. Keep it fun for everyone (don’t just blast it on the socials if you find the location…that kinda blows it up for everyone else)
  4. #SafetyThird: look out for cars, be careful crossing streets, and stay out of danger.  These seem obvious, but y’all can be ridiculous sometimes and it’s worth mentioning that even if you’re in a game, the cars on the roads are NOT playing Sardines with us. Just pay attention.
  5. BE QUIET.  Just like every Monday and especially on this Monday, just be kind to the sleeping people of Boston.
  6. Hype the hell out of your planning and searching.  Use #FindingDestinationDeck

See you all (hopefully) on Monday.

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