In Case You Forgot

Hey Boston Tribe,

In case you forgot about winter, it’s winter.  It gets cold and snowy.  It gets icy and windy as fuck sometimes too.

But in case you forgot, we always show up.  As in, we never ever cancel workouts for cold or extreme weather conditions.  Because we don’t need weather as an excuse to sit on our butts collecting dust over the winter.  And let’s remember that there are tribes in colder places than Boston who live in minus 10 million degrees Celsius  for at least 10 months of the year and what we deal with in Boston is not an excuse.  We are #weatherproof.

In case you forgot how to dress for extreme weathers, please take a note from our friends in the ever-weatherproof Edmonton, #NP_Canada to remind us yet again, about layering.  Teaser video (hi badass Jen and Nadim).  And a reallllll good blog with all the info you need about dressing for winter.

In case you forgot what to do when it snows right before a workout,  … we still workout.  On Friday we might have lots of snow, and we’ll still be at Summit Ave.  Stay tuned for #ShovelShuffle which is when we shovel the sidewalks of Summit Ave AND run the hill.  We’ll let you know Thursday evening if you should bring your shovels to the workout on Friday.

In case you forgot about #ML6K, it’s happening again on MLK Jr. day, which is Jan 15th this year.  We will host a brutally beautiful and brisk 6k race at 5:30 and 6:30am for the whole tribe to throw down and see what we’re made of this winter.  Last year didn’t disappoint, and it’s coming again.  GET READY and tell all your friends!  If you want a tag of MLK Jr’s face on your shirt, you better #JustShowUp.

In case you forgot (or never knew) about the Wisconsin Notes podcast, it’s a real thing that the weirdos behind the scenes at NP have started doing.  You can listen to it or not, we don’t really care.  But you should know at the very least that one of our local NP tribe members and global heroes, Chris Heuisler, is featured on the most recent podcast.  It’s worth a listen.  Here you go.

And in case you forgot, we’re glad you’re here.  Spread the word…this shit is good.

Power hugs to you all,

EmC2 (EmSauce + the Chrises)

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