I’m Glad You’re Here.

We start every November Project workout the same way. Yeah yeah, there’s the
> “Good Morning” Good Morning.
> “Y’all good?!” Fuck yeah.
that we all know and love, but the more important piece comes next…
“Turn and greet the people around you, give out some bear hugs, tell those people…” I’m glad you’re here.

They may just seem like words, but they’re very intentional. There a few things that set November Project apart:

  • The weird.
  • The fierce.
  • The community.

We do a lot of things differently at November Project. We like to keep it weird. Say dumb shit, act like we’re still kids on the playground, have fun with it all. We also like to keep it fierce, pump up the intensity, burn it out, chuck in some burpees or some all out sprints up the monster stairs at Harvard Stadium.

But, the thing that really sets November Project apart is the community. It’s the Cheers of the workout world. NP is built to be a place that is easy to enter, and easy to meet new people. We tell people “I’m glad you’re here” not just ’cause it’s nice to say, but because we mean it. However, went it started, there were only 10-20 people at each workout that all had only known each other for a handful of months, maybe a year. It was easy to know who was new, and friend-groups weren’t so well defined. If you stop and take a look back, we’ve been at this whole #freeFitness thing for more than 6 years now. Many of us have been coming for the majority of that time. We’ve known each other for ages. We’ve come a long way. We’ve had a hell of a time. And yes, there have been babies

Many of us have grown comfortable with one another, and comfortable with who our “friends at NP” are. This is a double-edged sword. On one side, you get to hang out with so many of your friends every MWF morning.
This is $&#@ing awesome.
On the other side, it can be intimidating for someone new or someone looking to make new friends when so many people appear to be extremely tight, with lots of inside jokes and long-standing relationships.
Not as awesome.

Enter, today’s workout…

Today was designed at breaking the status quo. Many of you have formed such strong relationships, and made NP your home. We love that. We don’t ever want that to change. But we ask that you take that extra step when you see someone standing alone, waiting for the clock to strike 6:30am. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, and make their first, second, or third workout a little more welcoming. Today we asked you each to run for 4-5 mins with someone you didn’t know. Get to know them a little bit, and instead of focusing on the fierce speed or distance today, focus on the community**. We know that when we forge strong relationships that start at 6:30 in the morning, we leave the workout with a positive vibe that reverberates throughout the city around us.

So, I’m setting a new goal for our tribe. Try to meet at least 1 new person each workout. Learn one new name. Emulsify the group. Meet someone new. November Project is a home. It’s your home. So let’s make it #welcomingAF. My name is Chris, and I’m glad you’re here.

Much Love,
– C. Payne

*Don’t worry, we still did 5 minutes of all-out-sprints up and down the big seats before we called it a day. 😉 #fierceAF
**And also, we snuck a little weird in there, alternating who you ran with by smashing pots and pans together, cause that’s normal. #weirdAF

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  1. Today at November Project Boston 5:30 am stadium stair workout I chatted and caught up with Debbie C. Everett and met for the first time Bess, Gwen, Kate/Katie, Laura, Brett, Marion, Morgan, and may be one more person whose name I cannot remember. Shout out to those who pushed me to sprint up the stairs!

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