Today we kicked off the morning in a little bit of a different fashion. We went what we like to called at 5:28 Am in the morning #BUCKWILD. What does that even mean you ask?



Definition of Buck Wild according to the urban dictionary

For somebody or something to go crazy in some way. Can be used to describe a person going crazy or can be used in a sexual sense as well.
person Description: “John went buck wild after I told him I wrecked his car.”

Sexual Description: “We had buck wild sex last night!”




It was loud and rowdy from the start of the day which can come to a shock to most because its still pitch black at 5:28. Theres not much movement the city and quiet but not us we were #buckwild.  In a world wind Jenny Buck lead of us an amazing bounce that kicked us off right.


Today we celebrate Buck as today was her last official “single” workout. We will see her after her wedding as a married changed woman ( just kidding we hope you don’t change an ounce).  Jenny Buck was also given the positivity award today. She is a bursting beaming beacon of positivity and Paul, John and myself have had the pleasure to see her change and transform from a quiet back the pack girl to the girl who’s getting the party started and kicking off our bounce and the most amazon fashion possible.

Notable things :

  • before NP she wasn’t really into running
  • she was a rockstar on the softball field but running was more of a chore or something you did to warm up
  • She’s been known to run incredibly early in the morning from 4:15-4:30 AM
  • She started coming to NP because her bosses Laura Ann and Kelly went and she wanted to get fit for the wedding
  • Her first half marathon was Brooklyn last year she ran 2:28:30 this year she ran 2:02:24 shedding 2 min a mile
  • Theres never a theme workout that you don’t BRING it 110%

Jenny Buck we are so proud of your accomplishments and so happy you are marrying the love of your life of Saturday. Thank you for being here.




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