Do you remember, the 21st day in September?? (IND)

You know it’s going to be an amazing day when the date of a workout matches perfectly with a song to bounce to.  Earth, Wind, and Fire teed it up for us this morning for a bounce we can use once every seven years.  After harmonizing a bit, the tribe was ready to roll…

The Workout:

  • Grab a partner – one partner takes off with an up-and-over while the other stays on the north landing and lunges across. Bookending the lunges were 15 tricep dips on one side and 15 incline/decline push-ups on the other.
  • During the up and over, you got a break on the south side where you could lay your ass down and do 15 V-ups….basically just leg raises while touching your hands to your feet.
  • After each lap, the partners switched it up with a tag/high-five/chest bump and repeat.


(That ever growing 5:28am Crew)

The Notes:

  • Props to the NP_IND crew that represented at the North Face Endurance race in Wisconsin over the weekend…the NapTown Hustlers placed 9th overall and represented even better in the social category.
  • The Newbies in numbers this morning!!  Always great to see new faces and the fright in their eyes as I approach them for a hug before I ask their name.  Seriously though, good shit guys!  Keep coming back and keep recruiting!!
  • Hype was HIGH today…if you aren’t yelling your ass off to your partner as you come down those north stairs for the tag out, you need to step up your game.
  • Today’s JKeys hype vid included the whole 6:15am crew and will undoubtedly go viral within NP and Scream Therapy circles alike.  This has already been posted on IG and Facebook, if you haven’t seen it already…you may want to take the earbuds away from your ear drums for this one.
  • Joey Mac capped off today’s double with his payment of 100 burpees that he and CaseDawg bet on the Steelers/Bengals game.  Next up will be the 100 burpees he will owe to Andy once the Buckeye’s lose to Michigan.  Joey Mac is still paying off the burpees debt he owes after he bet against Seabiscuit…during the movie.


(Joey Mac gettin’ a little help from his friends)

Next week is the last day of September (please tell me you sang that as you read it like I did) which means it is RACE DAY!! And…we will be taggin’ yo shiznit.  So bring it and if anybody is available to help with the paint crew, we would be forever grateful.

Ba de ya,

  • Shaw
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