Icing on the Cake (YEG)

There was no cake. One could argue that there was also no ice. The blog title makes no sense at all.

Holidays are always my favourite because we can be a bit more creative with our workouts because everyone has more time. For 2.5 years, we’ve been trying to host a skating workout at Victoria Park. Almost exactly 2 years ago, we weren’t able to go on skates because it was -35 and had to opt for a parking lot vortex. The weather didn’t quite cooperate again, and the ice might not have been ice, but we had skates on, and we went in circles. I’m still feeling my core from that back half of the loop. I swear I can skate. Also, great work by everyone for being safe and wearing helmets. I was sure to wear mine. You never know when you’ll have to ride in a chariot.


For those who came to the #HypeVideo, it was pretty amazing. Remember that thing that happened, that didn’t really happen unless you were there? #grassrootsproductioncrew


Wednesday: See you at Royal Glenora Stairs. Stairs plus a “Go up the Hill” option included!

Friday: Please do you homework assignments by Friday.

Sunday: 2-5pm The Tribes of November Project social at iHuman.

NP Summit 4.0: July 14-17, Blue Mountain, Ontario. Facebook event invite is here.

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