World T-akeover

Monday Train-ing

Today we took over the T.  That’s right, the MBTA.  Red line to be exact.  And by “take over” I mean that we ran, crushed stairs, burpee-ed, and did dips, squats, and pull ups using both the stations and the trains for a beautiful hour starting at 6:30 this morning.  We even made the #NEWS.  I’d say more about it, but gosh, the Tribe has spoken…and if you haven’t already seen too many IG photos and videos or enough Facebook explanations of what everyone else missed, then maybe we should introduce you to this thing called the interwebs.

A shout out goes to Ari–we like how you think.  To Dylan of the Dooster–we like how you shoot.  And to Diana–we like how you always help, and are willing to take the next train!

One final note from me about today: Mondays are…fucking awesome. Stop doubting Mondays. They’ve earned your respect.

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Tuesday Shoveling

The stadium is weirdly covered in icy ice and some crusty snow.  After 3 days of the coldest weather we’ve seen since Bojan last showed up for a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are predicted to be weirdly warm.  Best opportunity to clear the stairs for running Wednesday is Tuesday evening.  #SHOVELCREW show up between 6PM – 8PM Tuesday.  If you have a tool for chipping the ice, that is ideal.  Some shovels will be helpful, but it is 94% likely that you will break your shovel if you bring one of those flimsy plastic ones.  You will feel most helpful, if you also bring something to help break up ice (no salt please).

#NP_Homework Deadline Thursday

Want to win cool TNF gear and maybe go out to dinner with your Tribe’s co-leaders?  Do the homework. It’s fun and everyone should be doing it. It has something to do with #LovingYourCity and wearing your #NP_Buff, while taking photos to post to Instagram.  Wow, how’s anyone going to do that?  That was sarcastic and you should Read more here.  Deadline is this Thursday at 11:59PM.  Make no excuses.


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