I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Yoshi’s Birthday (GR)

This morning we pulled off the first EVER NPGR birthday surprise (and it was awesome). Read all about it and then check out all our upcoming events.

Earlier this week we sent out a message to bring a single helium balloon to create a balloon bouquet for Yoshi’s birthday. As 6:01 approached, one by one, the balloon grouping began to grow while Yoshi watched, unaware of the birthday plans and slightly confused. By the start of the workout there was a diverse grouping of balloons including “40”, “Love You Grandpa”, and “Princess” (among other excellent balloon choices). Step 1 of Surprise Yoshi was underway.

After the patented Old McDonald had some rhymes bounce, we celebrated Yoshi with his favorite food, ice cream, and a create your own sundae workout.

To begin, everyone ran to a topping located at the top of the stairs, bottom of the hill, or top of the hill, brought it back to the start and performed the corresponding exercise. And repeat to your ice cream sundae limit. As time was called, we were all a little slow moving, stuffed with our theoretical ice cream sundae.

We concluded the morning with a human sundae relay between Yoshi and a very cooperative volunteer, Laura. Although we were missing the cherry on top, both participants were sufficiently covered in whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

A lot of work goes into creating workouts, editing pictures, posting on social media, and planning events. But, it’s so worth it. Being able to celebrate Yoshi in a way that only NPGR can is fitting.

As Yoshi walked away, bike in one hand, balloon bouquet in the other with a smirk on his face, I thought about what this all represents.

Each week, every person brings their own style (balloon) to the group. Some are quirky, some are serious, but we all are true to ourselves, and the collective bouquet is badass. And just like this assortment of balloons, most of us have met only because of NPGR. Without this group, we wouldn’t have these valuable friendships that add such a valuable spice to our lives.

And just like an ice cream sundae, we go through life acquiring varies toppings. Sometimes toppings are delicious like whipped cream from a can, but sometimes life throws us raisins, but we’ll get through it. In the end, ice cream sundaes are always better shared.

Happy Birthday Yoshi and THANK YOU for all you do to make our sundae better.


5/12 – River Bank Cheer Station

5/19 – Lions and Tigers and Stairs (Oh My)

6/8 – 1 in 5 Marathon Relay and Volunteer




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