Hunt and Be Hunted (LAX)

We asked you not to feed the animals, but you went ahead and did it anyways. The following happened:

-Hunt and be hunted. There were some definite rivalries happening out there with the gorilla tags. One tag per lap to make someone do a set of burpees. OOO Ah Ah.


-Marion blew out her vocal chords from screaming hoisties way too loud making mothers walking with their new born babies stop and stare with confusion.

-Elliot didn’t seem too fast today.

-The Jungle Book soundtrack doesn’t really have many pump me up jams.

– I think we finally discovered where all of California’s water is being used with the amount of greenery that surrounded us.


-Murder whispers were not received very well by Christina which is suprising spelt with a “C” not a “K”.

– Not knowing the sprinkler system schedule (pronounced shed-dueal) we all got an early morning pre workout shower. Specially for Orrin who got a free Colon Cleanse. If you’d like more #freecoloncleanse on top of your #freefitness follow @badonkadonkprojectlax on IG for pictures and locations. IMG_8638





To all those racing, good luck!

SUNDAY– SWEETGREENS is hooking us up with free grub and some giveaways before they open up their store in the next couple weeks. Sign up here

MONDAY- NP YOGA- It’s back again for the monthly sweaty/stretchy goodness. Sign up by emailing with VERBAL in the title and your name in the body. These usually fill up so be sure to get on it. Free as usual and open to everyone including your mom.

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