“Oh, so THAT is why it’s called Twin Peaks” (SF)

This morning the tribe returned to one of our favorite hill locations, Twin Peaks, for a throw down dance off  killer hill workout. After fucking up a photographer’s time lapse of the sunrise (was that Wayne?) and disturbing the peaceful tourists here to meditate and enjoy a quiet start to their Friday, the tribe took off for 30-58 minutes of hill repeats. Some people are probably still out there now, as no one owns a watch. 


We changed up the normal course this morning with the addition of the “double hump” around the backside of Twin Peaks, giving people ample opportunity to sprain their ankles and run off the side of a cliff. Way to go, Kat, happy you didn’t pull a Barnum this morning and tumble 50 feet to the pavement.


Laura’s Takeaways from those who sadly missed out on the best day of the week:

– The Ting/Hamel dance off was as awkward as I hoped it would be. I loved every second and very much appreciate the enthusiasm.

– I need to hire Louise to personally teach me how to cut a rug while never breaking the Beyonce character

– Did anyone claim the water bottle that was left in JMak’s rental car 6-8 weeks ago? There is probably only a small amount of mold in it by now.

– Paddy has lost all DJ privileges

– Rumors are starting to spread about Will blood doping. I may or may not be the start of said rumor.



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