Hump Day magic!


This morning, I watched humans show up from all over the place. Then for some odd reason, we decided it would be fun to bounce, here’s the catch, they all repeated what I said, and then when I asked if they were all good…..well, they all yelled at me, two profound words that actually resonate with each of us.

This group of humans, became stronger with each card they picked up, with each mountain they climbed, with each burpee they crushed. These amazing people, blew my mind, the more they pushed themselves, the harder we all worked. You could feel the energy, it was really an epic Wednesday.

Now to keep this positivity award going, we had to give the ‘air’ wooden ore out today. This fierce woman, not only shows up 95% of the time, she takes care of lil’ humans as her gig, she works in a building that looks like its made from lego bricks. She is a major contributor to our community in any city, she is a nurse, her name is Sarah, and she is November Project Calgary.


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2 Replies to “Hump Day magic!”

  1. Hey there!

    I just did the pop up workout in Vancouver this morning and it was awesome! I am going to be in Calgary June 1sat 15th and don’t want to miss out on the Wednesday workout! Where do you guys meet?

    1. That’s awesome!!! Best part of your hump day?!? I had some friends go as well! You can check our facebook, Instagram, and twitter pages for locations as we are going to be switching locations for Wednesdays. Look forward to meeting you, and hopefully Brogan and Bojan were somewhat nice!!

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