This Morning Was Okay (PHL)

This morning was okay. Mucho Philadelphians and travelers (both from other tribes and tribeless cities) showed up to get in motion with us. We changed the warm up a little this a.m., altering “the bounce” to “bop it, jump it, twist it” a page taken from our good friends in Milwaukee, WI. Gracias DG!

This morning was okay.  DJ Eugenius returned and pumped out tunes that kept the whole tribe rockin while we ran the steps and played a little McEnroe – Tennis balls were flying, the tribe was sweating/hugging and a good time was had by all.

Abrams passed the hard hat award to Wes. We shared one belated Bday surf. We snapped a group shot and headed off on our days to our “regular” lives with a little extra pep in our step!

Big thanks to our tagging volunteers, Kait and Mike. We’re all outfitted in fresh, crisp, new #grassrootsgear Wear it proud y’all!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Broad Street Run is this Sunday – Race proud in your Grassroots gear. Not racing this weekend? Don that Grassroots gear and join The Mile of Cheer between miles 7-8 on Broad Street.

2015 November Project Summit – September 26-27th Park City UT. Sign your teams up now (team relay event endurance challenge UT). USE NP25UT for 25% off your teams registration. Teams are 2 or 4 in Grassroots gear. You do not want to miss this!

See you Friday at Lemon Hill!

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