Hugs, Lunges and a little too much caffeine! (SAN)

I’m shaking! Literally shaking! Is it from the workout? Is it from the excessive amount of caffeine I’ve already consumed today? While both of those are distinct possibilities; I think I’m shaking out of pure excitement. Literally, you should see me in Starbucks right now. I’m the creepy girl smiling at her computer while she types, yup that’s me. I’m super excited because the tribe is GROWING! Just thinking about the ridiculously good looking and kick ass people who rolled out of bed this morning is enough for me to forget about the agony of 90+ scissor lunges you all did today.

Ya’ll showed up in a big way today and, to put it simply, spread the love. A few lessons learned this beautiful morning: We discovered that there is a fine line between an exuberant, hips-in, hug and sexual assault (duly noted when greeting park goers that are NOT there for the workout). It was established that when sprinting up a hill, passing someone is pretty much an open invitation to chase them down. What you do when you catch them is up to you (make note of lesson #1). Yoga and a gymnastics are the keys to success in a plank challenge (well done Kev, Nikki and Julia). And finally, when greeting fellow tribe members, especially new ones, completely disregard Lesson #1, and show em what the tribe is all about! (Disclaimer: the tribe does not condone sexual assault, we just really like hugs!). Congrats to Miss Lindsay on the Positivity Award – this girl knows what it’s all about!

Next week is the final week of March Madness – it’s also the final Wednesday of the Month! So no surprises here, your PR workout is going to be the final challenge! Wanna get a leg up on some of the score leaders? Go to Facebook and find your Final Hump 2.0 personal best – you beat your previous PR next week and bonus points will be awarded! Way to get after it today NPSD, and thanks for the adrenaline filled morning, I probably could’ve gone without the coffee (but where’s the fun in that)?!

As always: Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!


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