Guest Blog from Michelle Mislan, NP Indy

Today in Indy, Lori showed up after working 14+ hours yesterday, the leader had another sleepless night (#everytuesdaynozzz), Heather made her newbie debut and Michelle…well…

Michelle Mislan bikes uphill both ways in a blizzard to #justshowup each week. Wait, what? Really? No. But seriously she drives 20 miles (from Greenwood, Indy peeps), even in the snowpocolypse, even when the mayor shuts down the city, to meet her tribe at the Bell Tower each week. She then showers at and her place of employment and  #onward with her day. When she has early morning work meetings, she can be found running the Bell Tower steps before any tribe member has arrived, even her leader! #leadernowfeelslikeaslacker. Michelle’s dedication and positivity embody the November Project spirit. And she gives really good hugs. Hips in, y’all! Without further ado, I give you our first guest blog from NP Indy, Michelle Mislan.

It is finally warmer outside! We are #weatherproof but it is nice to feel your fingers and toes while working out! 🙂 I come to November Project because I want to work out with a group that has the same mind set… to get fit! The bonus is that it is #free! I am one of those people who really struggle to stick to a workout routine when I am working out solo, but throw in more people and I am all for it! I am very competitive (won the inaugural Race Day) and it’s great to have competition incorporated in a fun way to keep us all healthy. My experience so far has been awesome! The Indy tribe leader is great and cares so much about the tribe members and November Project as a whole. It makes working out fun even when it’s tough! I couldn’t have asked for a better group. I can’t wait until our tribe grows and we can see how November Project really touches a lot of people.



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One Reply to “Guest Blog from Michelle Mislan, NP Indy”

  1. Welcome Michelle!
    Great post hope to come out to hit Indy up for a workout or perhaps see you visit the Boston tribe someday! As NP grows it will mean never having to travel far from a good workout and meeting amazing people!

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