Hugs, Community, Good Vibes (PHL)

It’s often said the world is a small place.  If this is true, November Project makes it tiny.  In what other place can you find yourself in a random city KNOWING you can find a group of positive and inviting faces to hug and push you through an early morning workout?  In what other place can you expect hearty cheering and good vibes while most of the world hasn’t even made it out of bed?  I submit that this community is one of the most powerful social, professional, athletic networking tools going.  This isn’t a plug, this isn’t self-promotion, this is the beauty of what happens in cities across North America on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  Relationships are forged through common bonds and a like-minded approach of grabbing life by the balls and living, breathing, embracing and celebrating our health, communities and most importantly one another.

This past weekend we tragically lost someone who LIVED in every sense of the word.  While many of us didn’t know Sam personally, the stories shared by close friends confirm this.  In a world fraught with pessimism and negativity, Sam brought a light of positivity and thirst for life.  This is the coldest, most sobering kind of reminder that life is fucking delicate, and often, completely unfair.  I can’t even begin to understand what Sam’s family and friends are dealing with right now, but please know that we are all thinking of you…

Today we celebrated Sam’s life by rocking our backwards hats and trying to race as fast as humanly possible.  Admittedly, we leaders did not get as creative as SF does with their workouts (I’m not even sure that is possible).  However, we hugged strong and brought together a group of humans to celebrate a person who truly embodied the spirit of community, athleticism and fun. #FastAsSam


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