How to make a resolution, NP style: BAL

This is an interactive post so please, stop what you’re doing and follow along.   Grab a pen and paper and take some notes, this is important. We are going to teach you how to make a resolution the right way. I know it’s only Christmas eve but we only have 1 week until New Years so we have to do this right!

I will be frank right off the bat. Most New Years resolutions are a laughable, feigned attempt at accountability in an effort to unwrap a New You for the New Year. There is a reason everyone makes resolutions and everyone ultimately throws them out: resolutions are just too damn easy.


Where will your friends be when the mornings are dark?

Here’s how it goes (are you still taking notes?): Resolutions are a “promise” to yourself  to do something different this year, whether it’s brush your teeth more than twice a week or to be a better friend.  Either one of those resolutions are valid (although perhaps of differing levels of urgency). I’m not arguing the merits of the resolution itself but instead implying that by simply saying something and not attaching any weight or consequences we set ourselves up for another year of scarfing hohos like an Amish kid on Rumspringa.

So here is the interactive part. If you have the resources, actually follow through on this in anticipation of NYE: 

1. Write down your resolution. Put it in ink. Say it to yourself, then yell it to yourself, then yell it out of your window but ultimately put that badboy down in an unforgettable place (Tattoos are not out of the question) in permanent ink. It can be a fitness resolution, a life resolution, whatever, just make it hard-to-the-core. Make it feasible but not too damn easy.

2. Good, you wrote it down, now what Nick?  I’ll tell you. Next to your resolution write the name of someone you know and trust. It can be a friend or a colleague but make sure it’s someone who can call you on your shit. If they are a member of your tribe, even better. Accountability is the air we breathe at November Project.

3. Now call this person or clue them in next time you see them. Tell them you have bestowed upon them the incredible honor of being your resolution keeper for 2015. They do not HAVE to accept BUT hopefully they are reading this post as well and are likewise in search of a resolution keeper. 

4. Tell them about the nature of your resolution and come up with the parameters of this arrangement (more on this soon…keep scrolling).

But Nick, what do we do once the ball drops and 2014 is deader than Jacob Marley?

They are your friends for a reason
They are your friends for a reason

There is no secret to this. If you are part of a tribe in any one of our wonderful cities you know that showing up and holding yourself accountable is a huge part of the  beauty and challenge of NP. Resolutions are easy  but following through and making ourselves better is not. Sometimes getting yourself up on a Thursday or a Tuesday is hard and what you really need is someone there reminding you that all of the best things in life are difficult.  (That and endless phone calls reminding you that you owe your resolution keeper 5 miles). 

So, to the Baltimore tribe and any other tribe that wishes to move past years of failed resolutions and actually get something done for a change…I bring you #Resolution2015.

Follow those steps, tweet/instagram/post about it using the hashtag #Resolution2015. As a result you’ll gain a close friend, get fitter, kinder, faster, stronger, (cleaner?) and be proud that you actually accomplished something.  Should you be so blessed to be named someone’s “Resolution Keeper,” I urge you to take this job seriously. Phone calls, nagging facebook posts, awkward instagram photos, rocks against a bedroom window…all acceptable forms of keeping your friend’s resolution safe. Your goal is to stick with your resolution (so take it seriously) but should you fail, your resolution keeper is there to prop you back up. We have a wonderful community of motivated people, lets use it!

To wrap up this post I will issue my own resolution (to commence January 1, 2015 and continue through January 1, 2016, barring injury and possibly a recovery week?): I resolve to run a minimum of 12 miles a week, every week. I am nominating Patrick O’Neil to be my resolution keeper. I urge him to  publicly shame me any chance he gets should I fail to meet these parameters and encourage him to run as many miles with my lard ass as possible. 

That is how we at November Project make resolutions.

Have a Happy Holidays, prepare yourself for Hills on Friday and lets make an entrance when 2015 rolls around.

Keep taking big bites out of life. 


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