We Ain’t Done (DCA)

Before we celebrate holidays with friends (whether we’re starting or finishing tonight…or later this week [Kwanza, Boxing Day, etc.]), we like to put on a few more layers, grab that cup to go, and RACE. Wait, what? Yes, that’s correct. We race it out before anything else (BAE). Why? Some say we’re addicted, some say we’re crazy, but I promise you, we never drank, offered, or will offer kool-aid. It’s just who we are. We love community and hugs and smiling. Smiling’s our favorite. Whether you just came to your first workout today (BRAVO!) or you’ve been here since day 1, you all know the feeling. So take that with you to your friends, family, and every single person you meet. Why? If you need to ask, well, there’s lots of reasons. Ask anyone that is a part of this amazing community. They’ll give you twenty.

It’s been a fantastic year and it’s not over yet.

FRIDAY: Teddy Roosevelt Island, 6:30AM, meet at the footbridge. The most favorite of the favorite Fridays.

MONDAY: If you don’t eat enough over the next few days, we’re having #HillsForBreakfast. Meridian Hill Park NE corner. 6:30AM.

WEDNESDAY: PR WEEK. Come ready to race it out and beat your time from last month.



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