Rockin’ around the Christmas Hills

As 6:30am crept up on the abnormally quiet city of Minneapolis, MN,  not one, not two, but dozens of NP tribe members arrived to the Mill with smiles on their faces and legs eager to eat up some hills. The morning began with a circle-up where everyone not from MSP raised their hands and then everyone new raised their hands. Then, all the newbies to MSP jumped in the middle and shouted their names while all the #NP_MSP vets shouted “hi” back.

The robust NP tribe then warmed up by running to the top of our beloved hill and then down to the bottom where the workout would start. Once all members were at the bottom, Holly (she’s not loud enough) shouted over the Christmas tunes playing to tell the tribe members the workout. The workout consisted of hill reps up to the 35-W bridge memorial and back down, then 8 hoisties, 8 push-ups, and 8 “reindeer kicks.” In case you are wondering, yes, reindeer kicks are synonymous to donkey kicks and yes, they look just as hilarious.  This circuit was done for 30 minutes and once the 30 minutes was up, everyone traveled back down to the bottom of the hill and waited in plank position for the rest of the tribe to make it down.

The tribe took photos with the stone arch bridge in the background, and the 35-W bridge with its pretty blue lights in the background as well. Serious faces. “We love each other” faces. Fuck yeah.

The positivity award was given from NP diehard tribe member Melisa Somers to tribe leader Holly.  The lumber jack award was given from an absentee Jess Johnson to a fierce and dedicated Brad Welnick.

The tribe worked hard today. The tribe saw new faces from other NP tribes. The tribe looks stern, then hugs, and smiles. The tribe earned their eggnog.

Photos to come soon!

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