How Bout That NEWS? (SD)

Another Wednesday, another eventful morning at November Project San Diego!

We had some rain. We had some new faces. We had a rolled ankle (we love you Donna). And we had the news.

Let’s get one thing straight: we LOVE the media (real, fake, and social). We love when people want to interview us, put us in magazines, or throw our faces on the news. Why? Not because we’re vain human beings that like to see our sweaty selves all over the place. No. We LOVE it because it helps spread the November Project message to more people. It helps get the idea of fun loving, free, community building, fitness to tons of potential new members that maybe haven’t heard of it before.

But here’s the thing. We have priorities at November Project. Our priorities are YOU. Ashleigh, Angelo, Brogan, myself, and the 50+ other leaders of 22 other cities in North America are here for YOU. We are here to create a fun/hard workout, give you a place to be welcomed and loved, build a strong community, express your individual weirdness, all before you have to go to your job.

So when the news shows up (unannounced) and wants us to re-enact our goofy hug tutorial, or stage a running shot, or to interview you all while you’re in the middle of getting your workout in… or decide to go LIVE right before the “Fuck Yeah” portion of the warm up (we warned you…)… well, they aren’t the priority.

Community first. Free fitness second. Fun also second. Safety third (sorry Donna). And maybe, just maybe, news fourth.

If you’re in the news world, and you’re reading this, we’d love to have you out. We really would. We want you to see what’s amazing about what is happening, why it’s taking over the world, and how it’s changing lives. But maybe show up with running shoes and workout clothes on. And maybe let us know you’re coming first. I promise we’ll have lots of sweaty neck hugs waiting for you.


And in other news…

– #MayhemMonday Playground Edition: 6th Avenue Playground in Balboa Park. If you’re a Wednesday only person, get your ass out on Monday. You’re seriously missing out. 

– If anybody finds the web clip of this morning’s newscast on Channel 6, send it over or post it. I’m sure it’s hilarious. 

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