From the Heart My Dear- Guest Blog by Ruth (LAX)

Ruth Price has been attending NP for quite some time now. With her infectious smile, generous demeanor, charming giggle and all around good vibes she makes you feel like a great human.  Like many of us she has owned up to her excuses and shows up to every workout. If she’s not there it is clearly noticeable. I’ll her tell the rest as to why she gets in her car to casually drive to 5:30 workouts from Apple Valley in a post she wrote after last Friday’s workout….To you Ruth.

Today was an amazing day!  It was the first day after my 52nd birthday and I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin as I did today.  Orrin often asks me why I drive so far to participate with this group.  I kind of blow it off and say that I have to come in for work.  But you know, I can opt to sleep in another two hours and maybe go to a gym later after work. But I don’t.  I choose to wake up early to workout with all of you.

As we near the date for our year book photo’s I realize I am approaching my one year anniversary with NP.  Why do I drive so far? Well let’s start with I am having a fabulous time and I owe it all to Angel Barron.  Angel never stopped talking about NP.  Never! He first approached me with it in April when we did a Ragnar together and like everyone else I blew him off.  Let’s face it,  Angel is an incredible athlete!  I can’t hang with people that he runs with?  Seriously!  Then later in the year I was talking to him and he said something that struck me.  He said NP was his family.  That spoke volumes to me.


You see I used to belong to this gym.  It wasn’t the best gym in the world, but there were these people that would take the same classes as I did every Tuesday and Thursday morning. There were only seven of us, but we became this tight little “family” unit that worked out together and had a great time. Then the gym decided to change up their class schedule and eliminated the early classes. One by one my gym family dropped out.  I had at that time dropped a considerable amount of weight.  But now there was nothing.  No one to challenge me.  No one to push me.  No one to pull me.  My gym family was gone.  Don’t get me wrong we didn’t do anything other than those Tuesday and Thursday classes but we supported one another during the session.  But alas it was no more.  So I started running with friends which was fun, while we did keep each other motivated, you can only run so much.  I needed more. Then my workout life changer hit. I DNF’d (did not finish) my first half Ironman distance race.  I hit a pretty physical low.  Yeah, I kept running, biking and swimming but my heart was not in it.  I would over sleep, blow off a workout day and yes, you know I ate everything I shouldn’t eat.

Enter my “A Ha” moment:  One Tuesday, in late October I was running by myself, on the phone (clearly not really working hard on that run), trying to convince a friend to go with me to November Project. Unfortunately I was unable to get her to go, so I put my big girl capri running pants on and went all by myself.  I pulled into the Hollywood Bowl parking lot and proceeded to work my way around and park as close to the exit so I could make a quick get-away if needed.  I sat in my car and that little voice in my head starts making deals, you know the one; “If no one shows up in the next 3 minutes YOU ARE LEAVING”.  Of course a silhouette of a person appears near the big tree.  That little voice once again goes “wwwwellllll that could be some kind of stalker, murder, “insert your worst fear hear”.  Okay, okay calm down…let’s just stay in the car and have 911 programed on the phone just in case.”  I’ll give it another 2 minutes if a group of 5 or more does not show up “I AM OUTTA HERE”.  Hell, if a thunder of cars didn’t come barreling through the parking lot!  The god’s have spoken Ruth Price… I will get out of the car, but I am not going to do anything yet because after all, I am only checking this place out.  So let me tell you about the Hollywood Bowl at 6 F’ing o’clock in the morning.  IT IS DARK!  Here we go again that little voice, but this time it says:  “Give it a chance Ruth.”  Well we started with a bounce, hugs (WTF?), quick run up those stairs off the parking lot and of course I was dead last.  Yet, no one made me feel like I was dead last.  I can’t even describe how I felt like I was part of the pack.  It was so weird how everyone just treated me like I belonged. I can’t remember what I did on those stairs at the Hollywood Bowl that morning.  I can tell you I was tired as all hell.  Yet I was awe struck.   I remember leaving that Bowl really tired and really excited and thinking maybe this is too good to be true.  Let’s try it again next week and see how it goes!

It’s been almost a year.  I know how I feel about NP. I know why I drive 86 miles on Wednesday’s and whatever extra miles on Friday’s. I know why I #justshowup.  It’s because I love the energy, the comradery, the inclusion, the friendships, the love, the sweaty hugs, high fives and let us not forget the “Fuck Yeah’s”. I show up because I need this family to help me get stronger & healthier.  I need this tribe to show me how to be the best me I can be, even at age fucking 52!  I need you NP!  I have a lot to offer this tribe and I know you have a lot to offer me.

My love to you all. See on Wednesday!





Friday – Meet at the grass lawn at the Griffith Park Observatory, we bounce at 6:27 am!

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  1. I love you, Ruth! You’re one of my biggest motivators out there! And I’ll never, ever forget crying on your shoulder in June. I needed that so badly. Thank you for being in my life!

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