Hot days, Hot hills, Hot PR’s (CHI)

Still seeing more and more new faces and we love it! We’ve had quite a few tribes members have some big opportunities and life changes recently. While losing some old faces we are happy to welcome the new. It’s great to see November project growing across the country for people to be able to travel to new cities and be able to track down workouts with ease. We challenge you to #traverbal to as many tribes as possible. Be welcomed nationally and internationally with open arms. Stay an extra day or arrive early just to get the opportunity to see how we all do it the same and yet differently.

On that note please join the biggest yearly gathering of these amazing individuals at the North Face Endurance Challenge in Park City, Utah #ECSUT on Saturday Sept 26. It’ll be a chance for us to connect, laugh, run & suffer through high altitude. It’s going to be the most epic of meet ups for all of November Project. You might even see a pasty white polish redhead there. If you do, make sure and give him a hug

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