Hooligans n Shenanigans

Today Newbie Kate from Chicago found us, way to #justshowup! Leeza jumped to the top of the Recruiting Royalties leaderboard, boom. Newbie Jairo claimed his dark horse victory of Race Day; whom, by the way ladies, looks good in a cape. Who doesn’t look good in a cape? C’mon now. Brad returned from NPSF and graced us with his dance moves then effortlessly recruited two runners mid-workout. Nicely done today tribe, you make me proud.

Warm-up/Cool down: Mile run.

Race: Mile repeats. Biggest negative split wins.


NAME                        Time Mile 1                Time Mile 2                Split

Michelle                        8:35                            8:30                            -5

Bobbie                         7:32*                           7:21                            -11

Brad                              6:00                            6:04                            +4

Kate                              8:42                            8:52                            +10

Leeza                            7:14                            7:25                            +11

Jairo                              7:35                            7:18                            -17

*denotes “cone management”


Quotes of the morning:

“I taste blood.” –Leeza

“Nothing like pukin’ on a Wednesday morning.” –Brad


See you next week. Butler Bell Tower. 6:25AM. RECRUIT EVERYONE!

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