The Snow Advantage (YEG)

March is almost over. You know what’s not over? Winter. Winter is not over. Snow is also not over. And obviously, November Project is not over. It’s never over.

Your drive to work was slow and terrible this morning. You were probably angry at the cars around you, and shocked that no one remembers how to drive in snow. It has only been 3 weeks people!

Running the stair’s wasn’t terrible at all. In fact, it was fast. Very Fast. Billy Fast. The snow keeps us quiet, it makes us work hard and it makes our feet wet. Most importantly, it gives us light and a beautiful view of the river valley. We only have a few more Wednedays of darkness left, so we might as well enjoy it.

April 25th is our next social. We will be at MEC for the beginning, then we will head somewhere to have some adult pops. (This is one workout where you can beat Billy.)


Billy 10.1
Judy 10.1
Chris H 8.4
Josh 8.3
Lorin 8
Kim 7.4
Chloe 7.2
Paul 7.2
Kelly 7.2
Char 7.2
Jaden 7.2
Dan 7.2
Dave 7.2
Bob 7.1
Jenessa 7
Chris T 7
Amy 6.4
Jordan 6.3
Dayle 6.1
Colleen S 6
Myles 6
Colleen M 6
Alice 6
Gayla 6
Julie 5.4
Janet 5.3
Vincenza 5.3
Jana 5.2
Ryan 5.1
Deryj 5.1
Robyn 5
Ellen 4.3
Robin M 4
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