Hometown Feels (BAL)

It’s an interesting feeling: going back to your hometown. At least for me, it is. Everything is pretty much the same in the big ol’ OC, minus a few new chain restaurants or closures of them. Yes, the sun is shining and my mother is constantly asking if I want something to eat. There is one thing, though, that I can always count on when being home: the feeling of responsibility slowly melting away. I’m on my phone less, I’m lounging more, and I feel truly taken care of, that being an adult in that moment isn’t really necessary.

Coming back to my new home in Baltimore though, I have to say that that amazing feeling of leisure and relaxation does not exist for me. I feel the need to be the big adult, to make doctor’s appointments and get car insurance and buy groceries and do laundry and make dinner and pay rent. The mind is always on the move, always on the go, ready for the next calendar notification. I’d like to put my kids through some sort of adult training camp when they are young to show them that they really DON’T want to grow up.

But last night I was reminded of that hometown feeling in a different way, and Free Baltimore Yoga brought it out of me. (Note: if you have not taken a class with LA, you are sorely missing out. She’s the Yoga to our NP and we love her dearly. And psst it’s $0 too.) As we were done holding some position that probably made my body shake uncontrollably, we laid down in nap-time-pose and LA said, “Think of a branch that’s floating down a stream. That branch is your worries, your thoughts, and your responsibilities. At this time. At this moment, let those branches just run down the stream. Let them wash away and let you be you taking the time and practice you need.” And I felt those hometown feels come back – I was able to be me and bring that me back to reality.

Take the time to be you and do not feel guilty for taking time to and for yourself. Don’t let your FOMO kill your MOJO, kids. If you do not take care of you, who else will? (Obviously besides your cat-obsessed mom that just wants to make you chicken alfredo all the time.) And then bring your best self, your most honest self to workout, wherever you are at and whatever stage you are in. There is nothing I appreciate more than the honesty and vulnerability I’ve experienced from the tribe at workout. It goes deeper than a “Hi how are you?” and into “How are YOU really?”


If you haven’t experienced that, take the step and be the one starting it. You’ll be surprised how people react. So maybe it starts off by asking people what their hometown is and how do you spell such a place. Then, when you spend 40 minutes running and planking next to someone, you can’t help but look into their eyes and drop the shallowness aside. You can take the time to be yourself and have those hometown feels, and now you can let others do the same.


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