Werbe’s Last Stand…French Cries for Breakfast (IND)

Bittersweet.  That is the one word to describe today’s workout.  With one of the largest turnouts I have ever seen for both sessions as well as a record number of “doublers”, the NP_IND tribe came out in force to show the love for Bobbie’s last day.  Her farewell post is forthcoming and will be undoubtedly be very sweet, thoughtful, and insightful.  Which is pretty much the opposite of my blogs, so I will allow her to address her departure.

The Workout:

Bobbie’s last stand took place on the South stairs with the tribe members making a “T” formation.  The route was to start out on the corner of the sidewalk with 11 pushups, run on the sidewalk one block west to the other corner where 11 walking planks awaited.  Once the planks were done, we ran back to the bottom of the south stairs, all the way up to the gold door where two decks of cards were placed.  Then it was an old fashioned game of “high-low”.   Low card sprinted around the top of the memorial while the high card held a wall-sit until the sprinter came back around to the front.  Repeat for 30ish minutes.  And as a little spice we gave Bobbie on last parting standoff with Sally to send her on her way.


(Who wore it better???)

The Notes:

  • November Project Indianapolis has never existed without Bobbie at the helm. In just over two years, taking this tribe from just her to what it is today is a true testament to the determination and drive of this amazing lady.  It is that same drive and determination that is taking her to the East Coast and pushing her towards her next goals.  As we support her future endeavors, we will continue to grow what she started here in Indy and make her proud.  The future is bright for NP_IND and we thank her for all that she has done to get us here.
  • Remember in the show “Roseanne” where in the middle of the series they just had a totally new actress playing Becky Conner and just hoped nobody would notice? Well that’s what we are doing…so next week, standing next to me in front of the tribe will be Casey Seaton.  Casey has been a mainstay at NP for as long as I can remember.  He has already been outstanding in the tribe and he will make an even better co-leader.  Welcome to the helm, Counselor.
  • Newbies on newbies today!! What a turn out!  Special thanks to the Michael and the Fitness Garage folks for coming to join us!  And Thomas continues his recruiting domination…I think he and Mary Rose are in a “recruit-off” to see who can get me to get that tat as soon as possible.  Thanks for the continued efforts guys and keep up the good work.  To the newbies, thanks for being there and we hope you keep coming back.

Long blog post, I know, but it’s a big day.  I’ll be funnier next week.  Speaking of next week…It’s Bike to NP day!!  If you can, ride your bike to the workout, but either way dress in your best cycling/biker attire.  I wanna see some shammy’s.

Who’s the founder of the tribe that’s made for you and me?.  B-O-B.  B-I-E.

We Love You Bobbie!!  Hug you soon!


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