hibernate |ˈhībərˌnāt| (YOW)

hibernate |ˈhībərˌnāt|

verb [ no obj. ]

(of an animal or plant) spend the winter in a dormant state.

  • (of a person) remain inactive or indoors for an extended period: the pilots who have been hibernating during the winter months get their gliders out again.


Kicking this blog off with a banger of a word. Hibernation. It’s not good or bad but it is a part of nature.  When comparing the term hibernation to November Project my mind went right to the idea of making a table and explaining the advantages and missed opportunities that it presents.  It seemed much easier to explain than using funny jargon.


Advantages Missed opportunities
You avoid the dark, cold winter days You miss out on seeing people turn their faces into ice sculptures
You don’t have to deal with all that white stuff Ever heard of snow angels?
You never have to cross a bridge Bridge month allowed us to cross the Alexandria Bridge, Somerset Footpath Bridge, Portage Bridge, Patterson Creek Bridge and go under the Bank Street Bridge on SKATES
No need to celebrate We celebrated holidays, birthdays, prs and visitors from other cities
You dislike the hugs More high fives are given but hugs are essential when it’s -22C #sorrynotsorry
You can’t break a sweat in -25C Sorry, you can.  

Now we are not trying to make those that showed up all winter long seem that much more badass than the rest of you.  And in no way do we ever want people to feel sorry for not coming out to November Project. We wanted to remind you that although, you may have opted to hibernate for a little we are more than excited to see.  To reunite in a bounce, to hear you cheer on your fellow tribe members and push yourself up each staircase further and further.

We are even more excited to reconnect, hug and high five you in TD Place.

The countdown is on. Stadium is less than 7 DAYS AWAY. 7 DAYS AWAY.  See you next week when the weather will be warmer and the legs will be burning from the million squats and lunges we did today. The lasting burn in the legs might even make you smile from the memories this morning. Thank you for sharing your morning, your workout and your energy with us. 

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz

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