Hey Tribe Members! Make Your Own Sandwich!

**No, the blog is not sponsored yet… But we do have a guest leader and blogger today!  Jerrold!

A tribe is a group of distinct people, dependent on their land for their livelihood, who are largely self-sufficient, and not integrated into the national society. It is perhaps the term most readily understood and used by the general public.

This elucidation is solid. (WTH? ooh, fancy words this morning! Who does this guy think he is? A teacher or something? Probably some hifalutin music/jazz word…) Anyways, I love the part particularly about self-sufficiency…that’s the best! Of course, we all know that Jen and Nadim were not in YEG this morning. Were they at all wondering how we were going to function without them? I don’t know…maybe they didn’t have much concern because they left me in charge of the workout today…or maybe they are super concerned!!! Or maybe they just wanted to get away from all of us…you know, needed a little ‘administrative leave’ for a few days….that’s cool…we know that they are at Summit 4.0 and they more than deserve to be out there having a good time!

Now back to the point of the elucidation…When I was three years old, my mom took me into the kitchen and taught me how to make a sandwich. I remember her telling me that I was not too young to learn to fend for myself. She took out the bread knife, a loaf of bread and taught me how to use the knife properly/safely, layer up a sandwich and feed myself. It was one of my first lessons in becoming self-sufficient…and the first sandwich I made was a simple one. Cheese and bread. Needless to say, I survived and can ‘own my sandwich’…

So seeing as how our tribe just turned three years old this week, it is time and a bit of a test to us that we are totally self-sufficient….we made our own sandwich this morning and ate it for breakfast …you each owned that hill…you valued being here because of the big picture…you owned showing up without two of our official leaders…we are beyond ‘pull-ups’ now (not the exercise, the diaper pants that three year olds wear….ugh, you know what I mean…although, I AM getting older)…anyways, you are all sensational for being here today…so Jen and Nadim (and Andrew of course!), if you ever need to go away again, please know that we can “make our own sandwich”….although it’ll be great to see you on Monday!

…thank you for choosing to be here today with each other, for getting your ass up and down that hill and for all the smiles and hugs (and cheese sandwiches!!!) …you are all the most amazing people in this city and it was a total thrill and adrenaline rush to greet you all this morning!!!

The. Tribe. Is. Self. Sufficient.
Monday goes down here.  If you are made of sugar, don’t bother coming.  It will probably be wet, muddy and way too much fun for you. #justshowup5:59am

Wednesday – Commonwealth Stairs, Gate 2 “Round 2 of the Ol’ 96er!” Oh, Fuck ya!

Friday – Walterdale Hill
Have a beautiful weekend!!! – Jerrold

P.S. #OMC happens every Friday at Westmount McDonalds after the workout. You’re all invited…however, you must bring a complaint and you must get a free refill of coffee. #justshowup


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