Near, Far, Wherever You Are (LAX)

When our fearless leaders told Kevin and I that we got to pick the location for the workout today, we were determined to find THE MOST PERFECT PLACE TO WORKOUT IN LOS ANGELES EVER!!!!! But it seemed like every perfect idea we had was coming to a bust. There was no parking, or we needed a permit to exercise, or it was closed until 7 am. We started to get frustrated and a little stressed (or at least, I started to get frustrated and stressed. Kevin was all “deep breaths”).

The Day grew nearer and we still weren’t sure what to do. We could just do a repeat location…but we wanted someplace that would give our Summitters just a teensy bit of #fomo. I wanted someplace with not too many unwieldy stairs so I could hobble my way around and cheer/yell at everyone. Then at the Sunrise 6k it dawned on us: It didn’t matter where the workout was.

One of my favorite things about being part of November Project is exploring different parts of Los Angeles. But that comes far behind the joy I get from being surrounded by inspiring, tough, and compassionate people every Wednesday and Friday morning. So we realized it wouldn’t matter if the location was as scenic as Canada or just a parking lot – because we have been making that parking lot at the Hollywood Bowl my favorite place to be every week.


It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you have your tribemates with you. It didn’t really matter that the Batcave was awesome and dark and spooky. It didn’t really matter that the view from the top of the canyon trail was beautiful and breathtaking. It REALLY mattered that a ton of my best friends #justshowedup so we could grind up some paths, fly through some caves, pound out some push ups, and hold some brutal planks. All while #notkeepingourhandstoourselves with some sweaty, sweaty hugs.


To quote my girl Celine:

“Near, far, wherever you are, you guys are my tribemates, my family, and you make me unbelievably happy. And my heart will go on and on.” Those are the lyrics, right?


To our tribemates in the Great White North: Kick ass and take names. And have so much fun!!!! We all can’t wait to have you back in our arms.

To the tribemates who made it out today: We will be living off the high from this morning for the rest of the year. THANK YOU!!!!!!!


To the tribemates who couldn’t make it this morning because of work/sleeping in/weddings/illness/etc.: You’re dead to us.


Your faithful babysitters,

Kevin and Maggie



YEARBOOK PHOTOS: WED 7/20, 5:27/6:27 am, Hollywood Bowl

  • The theme is NP PROM: A NIGHT TO REMEMBER so show up in your fancy clothes but be ready to work out in them.
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