Hey, Brooklyn. How have you been? (NYC)

Brooklyn, its been a while.  You may have thought we forgot about you.  Or maybe things were getting a little too serious for us, things were moving really fast back in July and August.  A lot of things were going on with work and it just wasn’t a good time for us.  And don’t get me wrong, you are an amazing borough and are like really funny, and a great borough.  You have a great personality and really open.  Maybe we should grab some Stumptown coffee sometime soon and talk? I would really like to see if we could give this another try again in the future.  It was great seeing you today.  Hitting those steps, flying up them, getting some FUCK YEA push-ups, sprinkled with some partner wall-sit/dips.  All in the name of love.  I mean we even had a sign from this guy named Danny Metcalf, Did you see him out there today? There was an electricity in the air.  It was something you can only get from the November Project.  Something that these AMAZING HUMAN BEINGS give daily, weekly to each other.  The Tribe is Strong.

Casual Announcements:

Look how fresh Coach’s sweater game is. RIGHT?

SUNDAY- #NP_Carols is going down, 3:25 p.m.  Details click the link to find out the deets (thats short for details, realizing that now i had to explain it, which made it longer than just saying details to begin with).  Remember our Half-Christmas Workout?We don’t either but this is going to be like better.  Like almost 1000x better, but closer to 999.99x better.  


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