Never Have We Ever (DEN)

Never have I ever… gone to Disney Land.

Never have I ever… run naked.

Never have I ever… worked out at Harvard Stadium.

Today the tribe was faced with a mixed bag of gut-wrenching, brain teasing, and do-or-die questions that decided whether they had to sprint or burpee. For those of you that weren’t at this mornings workout, your tribe is quite eclectic, very much so adventurous,  characterized with vivid imaginations with slight undertones of creepiness. If you missed it, start thinking of NHIE questions to infuse our future warmups. 

While the fun and games of the morning warmup kept the tribe on it’s toes, so did the mix of suicides (end-of-lifes for you wholesome midwesterners) and box jumps/decline push-up combos. There was partner shit happening, wagers on suicide splits, and a whole lot of speculation from passers-by as to why the new central landmark of Denver was being flashmobbed.

We showed them we were on a one-way train towards world takeover.

Wknd Ernd,

Lt. Flanniel

12/17 WED 5:30/6:15A: Capitol Bldg Stairs

12/19 FRI 6:15A: TBD

12/19 FRI 6P: Ugly Sweater Run to Happy Hour. Run, Happy Hour, and $5 gift exchange at Epic Brewing Company. Clear your calendars. Tell your friends.

1/1 THU Noon: Mile-Hi Beer Mile. Harvard Gulch Dirt Track. Race, celebrate, puke on Daniel Graham (NP-MKE).


November Project Union Station - Denver CO
Union Station – Denver CO


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