Here’s my number, so call me…maybe?? (IND)

The #NP_IND tribe has some definite swag because everybody got some digits today!!  As NP tribers all over the world prepare to invade Canada for NP Summit 4.0, we got our midweek kicks in with the “Dem Digits” workout.  Write your phone number down (no name), throw it in the bucket, draw a different number and begin!  It’s like a key party without a safe word.

Each digit corresponds to a workout (see pic below) and in between each digit, an up-and-over was done.  The best part is that after everybody leaves, you text the number you drew and tell them you love them and never want to be without them in your life ever again.  Or…you know, maybe just an above the shoulders selfie and a “thanks for showing up this morning”.



  • I finally bit the bullet and paid for Spotify Premium.  Sorry Arbys, but you won’t be able to invite us to have a “mouth party” with our friends every 30 minutes anymore.  Who the fuck signed off on that ad campaign?
  • Tomorrow, the most Indy tribe members to ever attend an NP Summit will be making their way up to Ontario, Canada.  Along with us we will take good tidings as well as hand out the book of Mirriam-Webster and teach the locals the proper way to spell their words like “colour” (spelled color), “centre” (spelled center), and “Canada” (spelled America Lite).  We will also teach them how to measure distance and volume properly.
  • As always, we love the nubies and the growing numbers!!  If you don’t like November Project Indy on Facebook…do it NOW!  Also tag yourself and your friends in photos.
  • Big ups to Kurt and Shalyn who are very deserving of the Positivity Award this week.  Kurt – word to the wise, I would not smart off to the Mrs. in the next week, that award is a pretty solid piece of wood (giggity!) and you don’t want the business end upside your head.


Well done today folks, thanks for coming and see you next week!!

  • Shaw
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