Here Ye Here YE- You ran the Pier with Me!


Yes it has been hot here in San Diego and of course sunny and really just spectacular, like usual.  Today we came to Ocean Beach pier to cry some tears into the big blue while saying good bye to summer time, our time to sit back and unwind.  Even though, yes we will have summer weather the rest of the year, we do have to all go back to school next week.  Some tribe members may actually be going back to school, others may teach at school and some maybe be grown adults that are heading to elementary school to prove to daddy that they are not a fool.  OK I think I may be off topic now… any ways, this morning started out a little weirder and possibly scarier than usual with a little game called Surf, Swim and SHARKS.  I am sure that all the surfers out this morning appreciated us yelling “sharks” and screaming our heads off in effort to hug as many humans as possible.  I guess we could have been a bit more considerate.  Also notable accomplishments and endeavors of this morning include; we ran in the sand, we flew down the pier, hit up some steps, enjoyed the views while trotting along the ocean bluffs and we dropped down for some mountain climbers to keep us grounded around all this beauty.


The 1 mile race down the magnificent OB pier was epic, everyone of you out there gave it your all  and that just makes my Monday morning so bright.  You all motivate and inspire me at every workout but today you just shined!  Keep working hard, keep setting goals and keep helping one another get there!  Push hard and earn yourself that cape or PA!


Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD!

What a snore of a read:

1) Next Monday is at Kate Sessions Park for our Billy Madison edition of Back to School

2) Sign that ass up for a North Face endurance challenge and join the Mayhem

3) BG kills it!


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