Where will you be on September 26th? (NPSF)

What was Annya from Edmonton’s favourite movie? The Little Mermaid. This coleader was shocked that it wasn’t “Lion King – Simba’s Pride”. Can’t believe that didn’t clean up at the Oscars.

How many Tribes represented this morning? A shed load. LA, NYC, Edmonton, Seattle. Foreigners were rolling deep at Fort Mason.

Does Paddy understand that taking photos facing the sun will not come out clearly? Nope!

How was Gil and Zip’s early 5:45AM #RippedByZip workout? I tried to ask Gil but he didn’t show up! WHAT!

Was Sunish and Mitch the most uncomfortable Simba-Rafika duo you have ever seen? Yep, well since Just Clayton and Barnum in Bernal Heights.

Does this blog have any relevance to this morning’s workout? Not particularly!

Well, what is this blog about? Get to the point, Irishman. You harp on way too much. OK, OK. The point. I’m going to tell you about an event you should do your damndest to attend next month.

Over the weekend of September September 25-27th, people from across the 23 Tribes (yep, there’s 23 of us now. Fuck yeah. World takeover) of the November Project movement will be converging on Park City, Utah for the #NPSummit. The morning of Friday the 25th, we will be holding a popup workout in downtown Salt Lake City and Saturday, we will take over the North Face Endurance Challenge Utah in Park City. We will have people repping their #GrassrootsGear and taking over the Marathon Relay event. Here’s a sneak preview from last year’s Summit where 90+ NP teams toed the line. If you want in on a team (or a place to crash), check out the Google Doc by Positivity Award holder, stunt bike rider and Google Sheet extraordinaire, Perry Wang. And check out these #Dooster highlight reels from last year’s Summit in Madison.



Yep, as you can see. This. Shit. Is. Good. Flights to SLC have dropped in price this week, so check it out. Try your best to make it. You won’t regret it. Here’s the Google Doc again. Click it. You know you want to!

See you Wednesday. Alta Plaza. 5:30AM. 6:25AM.


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