Helluva Morning (PHL)

Today felt like an early spring morning.  While chilly early as the sun came up over the city people lost layers and temperatures reached a comfortable level.  A couple hundred people #justshowed up to bounce, hug and sweat.  Our workout was simple — run the stairs for 45 minutes as a hail of tennis balls were thrown into the crowd.  Tribemembers read the exercise written on the ball, rounded up some friends and performed said workout, subsequently passing the ball to another Tribemember.  We sprinted, squatted, burpeed, armless hugged, pushed-up, etc.  Most importantly we got the day started right with a good workout among friends.  We crowd surfed 5 humans for their birthdays…a record number for November Project Philadelphia.  Like the title says…Helluva Morning.

On a personal note, I was completely surprised, humbled and honored to be asked to be an Ambassador for lululemon Walnut Street.  Mind you, I was asked at the end of our workout, while taking the group photo via a large banner so I was completely caught off guard (see photo above).  In any event it is very exciting.  The store and its team have been hugely supportive of November Project and our core values.  Many good things to come! Thank you!

Our #HardHatAward today was passed from Jen to Richie.  Richie was a D-1 wrestler and is a great athlete.  He is always encouraging fellow Tribemembers to push themselves harder and come out of their comfort zone.  Richie did just this a couple weeks ago when he ran his first 50k.  Congratulations Richie — well deserved!


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