Hello from just outside

Wisconsin Notes: Sorry you had to listen to me sing this morning.  200 by June – and we need your help. Today we buffed – if you didn’t get one, there will be more for sale next week for $5.  Darcy is the man.

“Hello i’m waiting outside

You’ve verballed just a thousand times

You tell me you’re sorry for not waking up

But when I call you never seem to home


It was magical to hear you all belt out those words this morning – I would like to sincerely thank you for putting up with my often senseless shenanigans.  You would have been in full rights to simply walk away at that point but nope – singing Adele before 6:30 am it is. Incredible.

The sentiment of the song is however the very key point I was trying to drive home in the song-turned-bounce that I wrote 30 seconds before calling the tribe together. We have dropped a verbal to get 200 people out on a Wednesday by June – that’s some crazy stuff right there.  Is it do-able?  Absolutely – but only if each and every one of you that were there today recruit at least 14 new friends (that would actually put us at about 1190 people which is terrifying so please don’t do that). We need YOU to be the voice for this awesome community, these people that #justshowup no matter the weather, the time, the 2 am Little Pizza Regret they indulged in on Tuesday night (ok seriously who does that?), or any other excuse.  We need YOU to be that annoying friend who tells anyone and everyone about November Project, because this shit is grassroots and this shit is good.


Darcy has earned the positivity award with at least 1 million facebook and instagram posts about November Project (real stat – I counted) and he is the perfect representation of both the drive to grow this community that we sang about this morning, and everything that makes this community so great.  He shows up, he pushes, and most importantly he laughs and hugs and lives the ideals that November Project was based upon.  Thanks for your energy Darcy, keep shining my friend!

That’s it thats all –

#NP_YWG out.

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