Introductions! (MIA)

Welcome to the November Project Miami blog! My name is Freddy Garcia, and I have been an obstacle course racer for 5 years now. My life changed drastically after I realized that getting fit can be fun too! After my first obstacle course race, I lost 60 pounds, and have never looked back!

My partner’s name is Tyler King, and he’s the fast one. He’s always out in front when we are training with large groups, and he is the charismatic social butterfly that everyone wants as their friend. I’m more of the organizational planner and leader.

In high school I was:

  • Sophomore class treasurer
  • Junior class vice president
  • Senior class secretary
  • Played football, baseball, and wrestled
  • Was President of the Key Club (a service club)
  • Sang in the glee club
  • Was the lead singer of the school “cool” punk rock band (LOL)
  • Was a member of the French Honor Society
  • Was awarded the Silver Knight Award for excellence in Social Studies
  • And last, but not least, was voted “Most Dedicated” my senior year

(evidence available upon request! haha)

But all that was almost 30 years ago! Now I’m the Director of Finance for a tv/movie post-production company in Miami.

Why did I start a November Project group in Miami?

  • I participated twice in the November Project Boston workouts at Harvard Stadium and loved it!
  • I run with 100+ runners every Monday night with a running store called iRun
  • I sometimes run with 700+ runners Tuesday nights with a running store called Sole Runners. The group is called the Brickell Run Club
  • I also run Thursday nights with a running store called Fit2Run in Bayside Marketplace
  • I also do a long run on Saturday mornings (when I don’t have an obstacle course race) with the same iRun group
  • But no one does any early morning workouts near downtown Miami, and there are no Wednesday workouts near me!

Tyler and I had been organizing a small group to train with us on Wednesday evenings, just because we HATE running by ourselves.

ENTER NOVEMBER PROJECT, and the pledging process . . .

Tyler and I were honored to pledge and bring November Project to Miami, and just about cried when we gained the official “tribe” designation on December 9th!

The attached picture is our scary, bad-ass group pic from this morning’s workout. Our numbers continue to grow as more and more Miamians learn about November Project, and our focus on bringing our community closer through free fitness and genuine kindness.

It was fucking freezing this morning!!! OK, OK, it was “MIAMI” freezing this morning!!! At 6:29AM it was 55 degrees, but my peeps still showed up! We had 2 visitors from New York who came in shorts and a t-shirt, and 1 visitor from DC. We also had one of our members, Serge Cruz, serve as the guest leader, and he rocked the group!

More blogs to follow . . .

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4 Replies to “Introductions! (MIA)”

  1. Amazing energy.  Friendly people.  A Beautiful Location. An amazing workout!!!


    But having Serge be our guest leader was a great surprise and made the freezing cold air, irrelevant.  Thank you Freddy Jose and Tyler for doing this… it is so cool to go and have a great workout with such friendly and positive people.  I almost forget I’m in Miami… LOL.

    I drank the Kool-Aid.  I love the hugs and the high fives and the bouncing… I am in!!!
    Count on me to come every Wednesday.  One day, I may even beat Tyler… Ummm well, if he’s outta town!

    Love. Boom.

  2. Today was my first day going to November Project and I LOVE IT .. The energy is amazing , the how they welcome you 🙂 , you feel right at home 🙂 … I’m defenilty coming back ????

  3. I did not know what November Project was however I gave it a try and drove 45 minutes to see what all the hype was about.  I happened to be there when the tribe was made official!  F_ck Yeah!    I enjoy the #FREEWORKOUT so much that I have not skipped any #STAIRSFORBREAKFAST since.  The energy is contagious, a little bit crazy but serious of what they are doing and everybody is welcome regardless how fast or slow you are.  Just show up!  Love it!

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