A Solid – 10 (YYZ)

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Michelle Roest:
Hello everyone !! Soooooo this is my first time doing this whole blog thing so bare with this newbie! English was never my best subject in school so excuse the bad grammar. I have always been the sciencey factual type. So lets just get right to the facts of today’s workout:
1) The temperature today was a solid “feels like” – 10. Though this felt balmy, one of our brave tribe members, Marie, was even in a t-shirt !!! Sam hadn’t even braved the shorts this AM. #teamtshirt
2) The work out today was simple 10 burpees, 10 push ups, 10 jumping lunges, 10 mountain climbers, then run a stair. Do this as many times as you can. These pulled out roughly 6-7 reps of this! So about 70 reps of each !! To round it out we finished with planks (disclaimer: when I am around there are always planks) [Editor’s Note: This is no lie. I’ve no doubt she’s made people plank at the bar before.]
3) We had a lovely visitor for the tribe in Winnipeg, Dave !! He absolutely killed the workout, I hear stairs are not a regular thing out there but a few more layers are !! Dave also saved the day with providing these lovely photos after my phone epically failed today
4) I need a new phone.
5) BUFFS !!!! We got in the brand new super rad NP buffs. Designed by one of the tribe members in Edmonton [Sean Williams, IG: @seanings]! Just $5 dollars if you want one. You can grab them next week, just message Sam or I.
6) You guys are AWESOME
Whether you were heading off to work or crawling back in to bed (jealousss), hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday! [Editor’s Note: it is now Thursday. Have a wonderful Thursday!]
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