Today’s workout: H A R V A R D  S T A D I U M

Inspired by the mothership, the MECCA of November Project. Boston, MA. Where all this Free Fitness stuff started. Check out this video and this morning will make a lot more sense:

PR Day – November Project Boston 37 Sections = A Full Tour (Skip to the 1:00 Mark)


Today was one of our harder workouts, but that is the point. Sometimes we have fun and sometimes we just flat out Put. In. WORK. Raise your hand if you enjoyed those MT Trashmore Sections this morning! BOOM!


8.17.2016 Awards:

#NP_Hero Cape went to Maureen

#NPtheBook – Peer-to-Peer award went to Mark Evans by way of Julie RK.

#PoisitivityAward went to Tyler

We also hit a record attendance of 45 beautiful faces this morning! I swear #FilltheStairs is catching on. If you don’t believe me, step up your recruiting game.


Wondering how you can STEP UP (get it, its a stair joke) your recruiting for #NP_VB.

Exhibit A:  FEAT: November Project Indianapolis Tribe Member

Exhibit B: FEAT: November Project Seattle Co-Leader Casey

This weeks challenge to the tribe is to come up with a creative way to Recruit for NP_VB. We will #FilltheStairs! Winners of this challenge will receive a complimentary Marathon Bib Entry (RULES: Social Media/Videos are the best. The Marathon may or may not be located in Baltimore, The Marathon may or may not be called THE Baltimore Marathon).

You can put your hand down now. I get it. You really enjoyed this mornings workout. Happy Recruiting!

Love Red



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