Hard Hills and Funday Monday

Why the hell are hills so hard?  Well, because gravity.  And other terms and rules of physics that make running uphill (even the back side of Summit Ave.) hard.  Also, because when we throw in extra #spice like cross-country hills and stairs, it all feels hard.  Even if we toss you a break and tell you to skip the front side of the hill, which is really hard, you still end up with a pretty killer workout.  Just ask the newbies today, or the friends visiting from LA, or some of you who worked so hard on hills, you stopped running them before time ran out.*

But why are hills so good?  For all the same reasons–science makes them challenging–but with challenge comes the opportunity to overcome it.  And even if your legs were cooked from PRday in the Stadium just 48 hours before, you found a way to get up and down the hill, the stairs & the cross country course.  And you’re better for it.  It’s just how it goes…just show up and do the work, and it makes you better. The challenges become more manageable, and you realize how much stronger, fitter, capable you’re becoming.  Skip the stuff that’s hard?  Well, it might be easier in the short term, but those challenges will keep feeling big and probably intimidating.  The hard stuff will always be hard, but we can get better at them just by doing them.

Why is Monday so fun?  Because variety, spontaneity, a little bit of random and/or weird–or both!  And this coming Monday is yet another #CelebrityShot for tribe members to lead the workout.  The Chrises and I decided early in January that each Last Monday of the Month for the year, we were going to step away from the microphone, step away from the planning, step away from the camera and the blog, in order to see the tribe from a different perspective.  We wanted to be those goof-balls in the crowd for a day, we wanted to see the awesome leadership of so many amazing humans in this tribe shine, and we wanted to shake things up for everyone involved.  So far, this little experiment has been an absolute blast–a success wilder than we really imagined.  Not only do we see two tribe members at a time step up to some significant responsibility (fun, fitness, community, and safety-ish are not always easy to achieve!) but we’ve also seen the rest of the tribe step up in some huge ways.  The level of support, encouragement, respect, appreciation, and celebration that’s been offered by the tribe who shows up on that Last Monday of the Month has been incredible, and we want that momentum of strength and badassery to continue month after month.

This Monday, April 30th, the workout is at Downes Field in Brookline. #JUSTSHOWUP.  Also, wear your swimsuit outside your clothes.  the theme is “backyard bbq”

Where do you go?

ANY of the following options will get you to the workout on Monday

  1. You can type “Downes Field, Brookline” into a gps map application and get directions from where you are to get there.
  2. Click this link for a Google map
  3. Use the NP tracker to both #verbal and get the directions.
  4. Comment in NP Boston Social on facebook to coordinate with others about running or biking together.  The location is also posted there.  100% team up or tag along with people who are definitely going.

One final announcement: GET READY FOR MAY.  You’ll have to wait until next week for it, but the hype train has left the station.  NP in May?…I can’t even.

Hey Tribe, have a great weekend.  You earned it this week.

*Don’t worry about those people though, they got harassed to keep moving and ended up doing burpees until time was called!

p.s. The North Face ECS races are still open for you to sign up and race.  Get 20% off with code NP20.  DC, NY, BOS, WI, SF…All details in this blog.


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