Back On My Feet and Renewed Energy

Ok, let’s take a quick survey: who is still riding the high from this morning? Everyone? Yea, that’s what I thought.

For those of you who decided Foley Square at 6:28a was NOT the place to be… you missed out. This morning, we had the great, fantastic, awesome pleasure to welcome the Back On My Feet NYC Team to our workout. If you don’t know about Back On My Feet, it is this amazing organization that helps combat homelessness with fitness and provides its members with education, job training, housing referrals, and so much more (read more here: ).

So with positive vibes in the air we welcomed over a dozen people to their first November Project workout. We normally do a little get to know you spiel in the mornings, but with so many new beautiful faces, and so much energy in the air, all we could do was scream, with a Thunderstruck bounce to follow.

Mary led us in an all partners workout, which was perfect to get to know our new friends, then we had a relay race to top it all off. Great energy, great workout, tough new exercises, and smiles all around.

Seeing so many new faces this morning lights a fire under me that reminds me of why I do this, and what got me involved in November Project in the first place. Connecting with new people was something that at one point, I was not a fan of, and now I cannot get enough of. That first awkward hug/interaction, telling someone “thank you for being here” and getting them to smile back at you is one of my favorite things about being involved with November Project, even better when the person sends it back. This morning was fun. This morning was refreshing. This morning will go down as one of the highlights in my November Project career.

Back On My Feet – thank you for everything you do for the community, you are a bright light for those who need it most. Happy 6th Birthday to you. Keep up the amazing work and making an impact on the community. You inspire me. Most of all though, thank you for being here – we look forward to working with you guys again, sooner rather than later please.

Wisconsin Notes:

  • Back On My Feet
  • New Faces
  • Bounce
  • Partners
  • Relay
  • Amazing community and collaboration at its finest

I am glad you’re here.


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