Happy 4th Birthday NP YWG!

Wow, that was a magic morning.  You all showed up hard and made the hype so real.  Thank you to each and every one of you who came out this morning.  Thank you for recruiting and hyping, thank you for working hard and bringing the fire.

Thank you to everyone who has come out over the past four years; whether you’re an occasional attendant or you show up relentlessly week after week; thank you for making this community a part of your life.  Whether this was your 1st, 5th or 200th workout, we are glad that you are here.  It is all of you showing up who continue to make this crazy thing possible.

Just think of it, FOUR YEARS OF 6AM WORKOUTS, that’s well over 200 mornings of November Project magic here in Winnipeg.  Four years of building community, making connections, ass-crack of dawn alarm clocks, sweaty hugs, belly laughs and just good ol’ fashioned hard work.

When the steady steam of smiling faces started coming through the gates at 5:50am and didn’t stop until 6:05, I knew that it was going to be a fire morning.  After having NP birthday nightmares all week, I was able to take a deep breath out and soak the morning in.  After we’d gotten you all decked out in your birthday party hats, we took to the field for bop-it (with the new addition of rolling on the ground and burpees), a ladder drill (the explanation of which demonstrated that I don’t know how the numbers on a football field work) and a good ol’ football sprint.

Then we headed to the stairs for 30 minutes of #stairsforbreakfast, it was wicked killer! We capped ‘er all off with a glorious round of Rock Paper Scissor World Championships which was won by Chloe. As we gathered for our group picture, Kristjana passed the Shabooya award off to Erin, who cried and yelled joyfully and just finished the morning in the best way possible.

Special thanks to the following folks who helped us make this morning happen. They volunteered their time and their talents and we are grateful:

Colin Jensen -photography
Mathew Carvalho- videography
Casey Lanox- beats
Steven Dreger- Investors Group hook-up
Lululemon and the Sweat Collective- for their support
Tom and Rick- for starting this whole thing 4 years ago, and making today possible

Okay that’s all for the thank-you’s, or Derek’s going to come after me looking like this:

Now onto the future! Keep showing up, keep recruiting, keep flooding the social medias.  We have so many things cooking for you this summer, we are going to make this thing bigger and better than ever.  Let’s keep this momentum train rolling on down the tracks.  In June alone we have:

Global Running Day: tonight at the Forks, 6pm, make it a double and get out and support Lululemon’s Winnipeg Run Club, your legs will thank you (or hate you )

Wednesday, June 13th- Year Photos. Theme: tropical/ Hawaiian. Show up to the workout, leave with a dope head shot

Sunday, June 17th: The MANITOBA MARATHON. Sign up for a race if you haven’t yet, or show up to the biggest, most badass cheer station yet!

Thursday, June 21st: PEG City Scramble.  This will be an evening event, time and location TBD.  It’s a scavenger hunt, team race, party extravaganza.  The last one was wild, this one will be better.

Friday, June 22nd: the first race in the Summer Sunrise 6K Series, 6:14am at the Ledge.

Friday, June 29th: Trash Stigma Pop up at Garbage Hill.  In support of mental health awareness Junel will run 100miles.

August 17th: Bombers game! We’ve been hooked up with a discounted group rate.  Let’s get a big squad out! Get your tickets here:

use promo code: NP2018

Also coming at you this summer: dragonboating, the Goldeyes Ball Park, and any other mayhem we can think of between now and then! And of course, your regular, weekly double dose of November Project, Wednesdays at the Forks and Fridays at the Ledge.  Keep showing up in big numbers and we promise we’ll plan a whole pile of fun, hard, kick ass workouts and events, all you have to do is show up and bringing the fire.  If today was your first workout, WELCOME we can’t wait to see you again!

I hope you enjoyed the teaser of photos from this morning, stay tuned for more to come today. Trust me they’re amazing, you won’t be disappointed.  Be ready for the video in the next day or two, if the preview of the bounce was any indication it’s going to be insane.

One last time; thank you for showing up this morning Winnipeg, you made it our biggest birthday yet and we are glad you are here. See you all summer long.

-Grateful Meg

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