Griffith Global Running Day (LAX)

This week Jesse is out biking on the Aids Life Cycle that goes from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  He’s riding along with countless other November Project folks and badass cyclists and with a quick turn of events, I had to be out of town during Global Running Day.   To say that I had FOMO from this morning’s events would be an understatement.  Not only that, but I was beyond proud of the amazing babysitters and tribe to come together, rock the trails, and crush it on a Wednesday morning.  Here’s a little bit from Aari about the morning.  

Three years ago, if you’d asked me whether or not I was celebrating Global Running Day, I would have told you the following:

a) Ew.
b) I don’t even know when that is.
c) I don’t run.
d) So no.

It’s incredible how time and a supportive community can change that. Because today, to celebrate Global Running Day, in Kait and Mess’ absence, I had the honor to babysit alongside 7 other magnificent humans. Credit where it’s due, Kait put a lot of thought into babysitters and the course and all we really had to do was enforce. And enforce we did! Nikki and E brought the whiteboard gratitude, 630 gang dressed in our yellow finest, Joey got lost, Jonathan vuvuzela-ed and (I hope) everyone had a fucking awesome time.

In a short time, due entirely to NP, Global Running Day has become my THIRD favorite insta-holiday (the first being World Whiskey Day – 5/18 GET AT ME. The second is National Cheese day [6/4, it’s been a great week]). That you, babies, for letting us sit on you and giving me warm fuzzies that are going to last the rest of the day!

Notables: Lily Buttons got a murderboom for her birthday. And WE ALL TOOK PICTURES OF HER TAKING PICTURES OF IT! Melissa Gleiss is leaving us for colder pastures. We na-na-na-ed her and are going to miss her tons!


North Face Endurance Challenge CA: ALERT – there are no more discount codes for these races 🙁 That being said, we’re keeping an eye out to save you guys some mula.  It’s an AMAZING race regardless and so much fun from the Marathon Relay to the 50K.  Actually I only have heard how fun the 50k is and have yet to experience all of its glory…

NP SUMMIT  – September 15th-16th in Wisconsin. CHEESE.  See here for a handy dandy Google Excel Doc w/ more logistics.  Register right here! and use code “NP20” for 20% off. (yes the codes still work for this one…)

SATURDAY 6/9: PRIDE Tags are going down at Saturday Stairs.  Hollywood Bowl (b-Lot parking lot) at 8am.  Come to have fun, run some stairs, and leave with an awesome rainbow tag.  Also recommend a great read about repping that rainbow HERE!
>> Fun addition is the CHEER event for the ALC Finish.  Facebook information HERE!

SUNDAY 6/10: Better than Bedtime.  Want to go for a fun run with all your current and new NP buddies?  How about hanging out with each other OUTSIDE of morning hours?  Meet us at Pan Pacific Park at 6:27PM and dress in your favorite colors or rock that brand new Pride Tag.  ** BRING YOUR I.D. as we are ending the route at a drinking establishment ** Facebook Event HERE.

Fun Fact: A cow-bison hybrid is called a “beefalo”. Noms?

Do Good LA. 

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