Happiness only real when shared (YWG)

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Wisconsin notes: Time to smile! Summer is here. Pics are from today and other days. November Project: The Book is out; buy a copy off Amazon.com to read up on the history of November Project, to learn about other tribes and their members, and because it’s something cool to have on your coffee table to make people think you read. Chantelle is infectiously positive. Also, today’s workout was killer. Good job for doing it. Welcome back Paul!!!

I watched ‘Into the Wild’ for the first time a couple of weeks ago (great movie) and as it got to the climax as he writes in his book his grand revelation with the last of his strength; ‘Happiness only real when shared’, I immediately thought of November Project. Where else do you find such a large group of people so happy to be up (at 6 in the morning) and interacting with other people.


We get all sorts of people at November Project. Nurses and physios, athletic therapists and massage therapists, medical doctors and chiropractors, realtors and lawyers, university students and university professors, college students, carpenters, tradespeople, retail workers, lululemons, servers, chefs, high school teachers and high school students, fitness instructors, yoga teachers, businessmen and women, sales reps, accountants, paramedics, soldiers and police officers, cyclists, biathletes, triathletes, marathoners, ultra-marathoners and weekend warriors, paddlers and pilots, parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, cousins and best friends, partners and ex-partners, even pets. Where else do you get such a random assortment of people who get along so well? All with one common interest; the vibes felt at November Project. The increased fitness levels and better health are also great side effects.

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It is true that happiness is only real when shared. One of the longest lasting studies on happiness actually comes out of Boston (just like November Project). Harvard Medical School tracked two groups of men over a 75-year period. One group was made up of students from Harvard University, and the other group was derived from the lowest socioeconomic class in Boston. Some of these men are still alive today, and the study is ongoing. They tracked their happiness by means of questionnaires, health records, video recordings of their interactions with loved ones, and interviews with the participants and their family. The main finding of the study is that the better your relationships, the happier you are. They found that good relationships not only keep you happier, but they make you physically healthier, and live longer lives. These findings were the same for both subject groups.

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Many of us have been coming to November Project for well over a year now. And we have all made some great friendships out of it. It is really nice to see people from the group connecting and getting together outside of the Wednesday mornings. You see it on social media, you see them encouraging and motivating each other not just at workouts but in life. As the group gets bigger, let’s keep those hugs going, and keep making everyone feel welcome. Some people who come might be intimidated by our big love fest and intense workouts at first, but we’ll convince them it’s the best thing to ever happen to them.


The workout today was pretty great. It felt like summer. We knew time trials were coming back, we did a shout out for Josh to show up and lead the way on the sprints, but Basic Derek showed he wasn’t so basic and flew past everyone right at the end. And then we did it again, and died. We had one casualty from that, and another one from box jumps. Nicole, Janet, hope you’re feeling better. Keep your eyes peeled for a sweet video that Amie took of the time trial. Oh yeah, we went back to the astronomy circle for the warm up #stairsforbreakfast.


Chantelle is today’s positivity award winner, and she embodies all that I’ve mentioned about making relationships through November Project. She encourages and motivates through her words and her actions, and with her constant smile during the workouts. She runs fast, wins rock paper scissors competitions, works hard at every workout, and most importantly she can be seen getting to know everyone she pairs up with during the workouts, and showing genuine interest. She’s made some great friends from November Project who even come out and support her for her wing-eating competitions. She always joins for coffee at Cafe Postal after the workouts, even though she has 8:30am classes. Great work Chantelle!


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