Katniss wuz here 2016!

Wisconsin Notes, from San Diego, by Ashleigh Voychick

– Thank you to the Gladstones for picking up the slack of your fearless but forgetful leaders with tagging.
– It was fun to have Red start our morning off with a Virginia Beach style bounce SHOUT!
– People from our tribe REALLY like the Hunger Games.
– If we were to do a play of the Hunger games, Sam would be Gale.
– We played odds and evens to determine if we were in District 12 or the Capitol.
– If you shot evens you were in District 12 you joined forces and raced with all you got!
– If you threw odds, you were solo and had to be unique and create your own destiny and also join the Capitol.

-And you all had to beware of ME!  If I shot you down with my arrow you had 20 Burpees!

– In the end we all raced, in true Voychick fashion, like we were getting chased by “Mutts”.

– Lastly, we finished it off with some positivity, dancing, birthday booming, and saluting the Mocking Jay!

Words from Effie Trinket:
– Pop up workout April 24th at the Embarcadero
– Monday Crown point under the Bridge 629am
– November Project the Book has dropped!

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