Welcome back shaky Commonwealth legs! (YEG)

As it is with every morning that we meet, this morning was awesome!!

Being back at Commonwealth means so many things:

  • We bid farewell to winter weather (although we know from experience that we can end up running these stairs in the slushy May snow)
  • Recruiting campaigns kick it up a notch (so many newbies today, so many hands up as recruiters! You guys rock!! Let’s all challenge ourselves to bring out one newbie each workout!)
  • We have a defibrillator for our stair workouts (no official puke buckets though…safty first?)
  • Training for the ol’96er will ramp up (for those of you unfamiliar with the ol’96er here’s a summary…you complete the entire stadium – lower and upper bowl – during a morning workout and you get a really cool tag to prove it)
  • The bounce gets more and more creative (“…jump up, jump up and get down!” Try not to sing that out loud as you read this…or even better sing it out loud and enjoy the odd looks you get when you do so…it’ll be so worth it, plus may give you the in you need to continue to recruit as per point 2)
  • Our snowbirds return & familiar faces reappear (even though we had a very pleasant winter here in Edmonton, we’re glad you returned! Al…you’re back, we missed you buddy!!)
  • We are welcoming sunlight back to our workouts (one of our newbies Larry wondered how he might navigate the stairs this morning in the dark, we reassured him he’d have no problem and I saw him at the end, he survived! Thanks for listening to CBC Larry, glad you chose to #justshowup along with all of the other newbies this morning!)
  • Our F*#k Ya quotient increases with Bill back in attendance (Bill probably wasn’t supposed to be doing the stairs today after a fall skiing last week that injured his hip but he’s as badass as they come and this 87 year old won’t let anything hold him back!)
  • Our NP tribe continues to get stronger, fitter, friendlier, faster, sweatier, more connected, more energized, more positive.

What does being back at Commonwealth mean to you? Share on twitter, IG or FB…spread the word!


Kudos City of Edmonton – Huge thank you to the city for waiving the Commonwealth access fee. The call came in yesterday, a little late to cancel the grassroots bottle drive and thus with your generous donation of bottles funds that are raised will all be banked and will all go directly back into November Project Canada.

Grassroots Gear – If you have never had a top tagged and would like a piece of grassroots gear bring a light/brightly colour top to Walterdale Hill Friday and we will tag it (we only use black spray paint so dark coloured tops do not turn out well). We will be tagging again the following week (22nd) for those of you who already have a piece of grassroots gear.


Friday – Walterdale Hill – 6AM

Until next time…SMILE! J

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