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Before jumping in to today’s guest blog here’s a few announcements:

#BetterThanBedtime: This Sunday November 8th at 8 pm – meeting at the Skatepark.  We will go for a Yog around the Forks and throw in a few fun surprises, before gathering at the Fox and Fiddle to toast this wonderful community and the 4th year anniversary of November Project. Wear black for the run.  Wear a headlamp.  Wear your #GrassrootsGear underneath.  And come drink some #GrassrootsBeer.

I also have to say that what follows in this post is 100% blasphemy and constitutes legal slander and I don’t appreciate it.  It’s also 100% true.

Dear Dedicated Tribe Members,

I’ve decided it’s time to let you in on a little secret… Well a big secret actually. It might shock you to learn that your vivacious, enthusiastic, loud leader Rick Duha has been posing as a “morning person” for nearly a year and a half now. As the lucky lady sleeping next to him every night, I know for a fact that he is actually addicted to hitting the snooze button. Typically 2-3764849 times per morning.

He is most definitely not a morning person, thus I am responsible for waking him up 60% of Wednesday mornings; 60% of the time, it works very time.

I find throwing a pillow at him in his comatose state actually quite ineffective and it usually requires me yelling how excited I am for the workout we’ve planned, turning on all the lights, to get him jumping out of bed 5 minutes before leaving the house.

The point is guys… A lot of us are not morning people…literally the guy leading this #badass #strong #weatherproof #superridiculouslybig tribe is not a morning person. (tell all your friends that say absurd things like “that’s too early to workout”). Yes indeed it can be a challenge getting up at 5:20 AM.

And yet every Wednesday morning we show up, we hug, meet new friends, have the privilege of seeing old friends every single Wednesday, oh and working out really hard!

Today…was a morning unlike no other, after awakening this dragon of leader and getting ourselves to the forks. Everyone brought it to NP challenge – one of my personal favourites. Thanks for your infectious enthusiasm, your commitment to getting out of bed, and for making this thing so much fun every week.






This girl.  Krissy.  We’ve been waiting to give her the Positivity Award for a long time.  She’s been earning it week in week out for more than a year and she is one of the brightest, most energetic tribe members we have.  She took a little hiatus over the summer to train for and #FuckingCrush her first half marathon, and we couldn’t be more proud of her.  She’s back and today more than EVER she really brought it.  Every single one of you heard it from her as you passed each other on the bridge during NP Challenge and  I know for sure she gave a lot of us that extra boost to push past our personal bests and destroy the Challenge today.  Thank you for bringing it Krissy and never stop being everything that makes us so lucky and proud to have you in the tribe.  


Much love all,

November Project Winnipeg



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