Goodbyes, Goodlucks and lots of NP Love

Today was bittersweet. Our group kicked ass, worked hard and embraced the sweat. The #NP_BAL tribe also got its swell on , bringing in a large handful of newbies. We couldn’t have been happier to see all of those beautiful new faces, struggling to understand what the hell Patches and I were talking about and why there was a dog rocking #grassrootsgear…cuz it’s awesome, that’s why! (Thanks to Gio for making a bomb ass Bailey montage).

Pictures1.jpga   This morning was a bit sad for many of us, however. Today was the day we finally had to say goodbye to our girl Sarah P and send her off to her new tribe up in Boston. We can’t say enough about this girl and her dedication to the tribe ( and just generally running her shit off). Although we will miss her dearly she will find a great new home up in Boston. We know you’ll always be Bmore to the core. Don’t forget about us down here.

We'll miss you Sarah "Party" Pardus
We’ll miss you Sarah “Party” Pardus

Despite it all, the future looks bright. With so many newbies diving head first into morning shenanigans we couldn’t be happier to call this tribe our home. Thank you all for supporting our NP family in SD and showing everyone why this is the best community on earth.

Quick announcements:
May 31st, 3pm at Rash Field: #bmore_bmore race. Put your stamp on that page, let us know you’re showing up and drag some friends who think you’re a wacko for waking up at 5:30 on a Wednesday morning.  Show up in some Baltimore themed attire and help us advertise in the coming week. This thing is open to everyone, tribe or not. Spread the love.

June 7’th: North Face Endurance Challenge   we’ve got two teams rolling out of Bmore to race down in the nation’s capitol. We’ll be joining teams from several other tribes. SO, support our Bmore teams when they are announced or sign yourself up and head down there and do it in person. NP is winning this shit.

Life: Keep kickin its ass

#NP_LOVE see you all next week!

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  1. WHOA Gio! You rock. I love my photo montage. I am so honored to be the NP Baltimore #grassrootsgearDOG…I can’t wait for next week! #dogverbal


    (PS- I had some help from my human typing this….I am not the best of typers) 

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