Cheetahs, and gazelles, and wolves, fuck yeah.


We picked “the one day in 10 years that the main part of the National Zoo was shutdown.” UPS was delivering 3 new elephants (ground delivery, standard rates apply, insurance on the cargo, etc) to the zoo and people in suits were blocking off the lower bowl. All is fucking good, we took to the Predator Trail, RACED cheetahs, burpeed with gazelles, and bear crawled with wolves. Great location that we will have to repeat eventually. The lions don’t know what’s coming for them.

The positivity award is going home with a great human and a great friend. Katie Courtin. Holy shit. Don’t know where to start with her. Whether it was 1-Z PJs in 8 degrees, smiling at McFaddens, racing races, doubling up on Wednesdays, Katie has been a staple of my mornings and someone I look up to. SAPPY, but LOVE. Chick is a power and someone that brightens all the tribe’s mornings. BOOM. #TheCourtinSisters


Quick story I heard today that was beauty. Jessica Zdeb, Amanda Chuzi, both are beautiful, both traveled to Chicago Tuesday. Neither one knew the other would be there. Both showed up at 6:29 at the Chicago Wednesday workout. Both smiled with strangers and one another at NP_CHI. Great highlight of the 17 city movement you all are creating. Traveling, moving, relocating, vacationing, there will most likely there will be a tribe waiting of you on your life adventure. Keep BUILDING this MOVEMENT.


JUNE 14th is a date to mark off on your calendar. Mark it. Sharpie it. Gcal it. Tell your city about it. Fuck yeah.

There are 350 people in the social group on Facebook. Get 300 people to Meridian Hill Monday. Wake up your city.

LOVE: Always.


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