Wiener Whistles, Bojans and Nerf Guns…OH MY…

Today was a wacky day. NP LAX likes to put the F in Fun. We welcome every and anyone who crosses our path. Our workouts are tough. We train hard but have fun harder. The community is strong here when every Wednesday for the 1 hour out of the 168 of the week we are seeing familiar faces and embracing those hugs we love. So you may be asking “What mayhem did you get into today?”


Today’s workout consisted of five excerises: pushup high fives, hoisties, leg throws, alternating leg raises, and the seven wonder of the world Bojans. Tribemembers got together into groups of four and in between each exercises of 40 reps, 15 for Bojans, they ran to the top of the bowl and back, no man left behind. Groups really teamed up pushed and cheered each other on to succeed to the top. But what fun would the workout be without a little spice.

Bojans. 'Nuff said.
Bojans. ‘Nuff said.

NP LAX has a special form of a fire drill. It is not like some obnoxious banging of a cowbell like Boston or the clanking of beer bottles like DC, which by the way we know your secret Danny Metcalf. No! NP LAX has a foundation of class so what better way to celebrate that than with a lovely slide whistle and not any slide whistle at that, we’re talking a wiener slide whistle -ugh- Wiener DOG slide whistle.  Anytime you heard the whistle slide during the workout you had to drop into a plank until the Wiener…whistle slides again.


Another little addition to todays workout was the nerf gun or the “high five blaster”. Any time a group was shot with the “high five blaster” they have to immediately step up and exchange high fives with the rest of the tribe to then return back to the workout. Yes we know you have serious FOMO right now!



Today’s Positivity Award was awarded to a dude who on his first day of NP was the most stoked and fit right in. He is always giving the tribe random information about the Hollywood Bowl and when he is not running ragnar races he is making people happy all across the world as a Disney Imagineer. This dude is as happy as you get them and he couldn’t deserve it more.  Well earned Angel!

Today we joined the other 16 tribes in brain cancer awareness. Our members dressed in grey to support the beloved SD tribe co-leader Ashleigh whose mother Deborah Bordwell recently passed away from brain cancer. It really is moving and truly inspiring to see not just one city but a whole scattering across the US to support someone who they may not know or something they have never faced. Deborah we thank you for putting such an awesome human into this world. We love you all! You don’t even know how big your hearts all are.


We’ll see you next Wednesday at the Hollywood Bowl @ 6:30am sharp.

And boy did you fail at your homework. Don’t worry you have an extension till next week.

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